Properties in Mexico

I am an investor. I am obsessed about travelling and passioned about real estate investments.

Four times a year you will find me traveling the globe with my old but experienced & well travelled backpack, finding real estate opportunities, investing in them, learning the process, creating solid partnerships with hand picked local realtors, lawyers, notaries, accountants and then coming back to Canada and sharing my experience and expertise with family and friends, and anyone who is interested to:

– invest + make money

– enjoy their investments with their families, go as often as they want to a vacation

– retire early

– create a legacy for their family

I like to invest under $200,000, recoupe my money in 3-5 years from rentals and have a minimum 30% of return on my investment.

How it works:

Since I already been through the loopholes, I will meet with you and share how it works to purchase properties abroad from my experience. What worked and didn’t, who are the people I work with abroad, how to avoid working with the wrong people. I share with you my cash flow, my property managers names and contact information, the airbnb do-s and don’t-s, legislation and more.

Investing in Mexico can be quite an adventure. few things that made me nervous about investing there:political regime, cartel, hurricanes.

Ask me how I overcame these concerns. meet me for a coffee, let me share my experience, my knowledge, my challenges and success with you.

You probably wonder why I am doing this… I could be on a beach in Mexico right now enjoying the sandy beaches and warm weather…

BUT I have a bigger goal: I am raising money to build a school/orphanage in Romania. I even have purchased the land and I am working on getting a charitable number.

Part of my Real Estate commissions will support this project. talk to me if you want to hear more. 

We can’t change the whole world, but we can change one child at a time by giving a chance to better education, a clean and safe home.