About Ella

I am a real estate investor. I look for real estate investment opportunities that combine positive cash flow with high return on investment.

the best opportunities in airbnb supported investments are in the tourist capitals of the world such as France, Italy, Mexico, Dominican and more.

Paris was my first choice, who doesn’t dream to go to Paris?

Once there, I realized that there was very little information and support available in English to any foreign investors. No realtors or lawyers had a clear idea of the process. With considerable effort and research I was able to find the information, and navigate the bureaucracy for a Canadian to purchase investment property in France. 

In the end I was able to purchase a beautiful apartment two blocks from Notre Dame that has provided a stable positive cash flow and has already tripled in value.

Since then I have done this with properties in Italy, Dominican Republic, Mexico and more. I now share my experience with like minded people who are interested in making similar investments.

My investment package provides access to a local professional team of realtors, lawyers/notaries, accountants, property managers, cleaners and maintenance. 

MY WHY. My inspiration.

You probably wonder why I am doing this… I could be on a beach in Mexico right now enjoying the sandy beaches and warm weather…

BUT I have a bigger goal: I am raising money to build a school/orphanage in Romania. I even have purchased the land and I am working on getting a charitable number to start gathering donations.

Part of my Real Estate annual commission will support this project indefinitely. Talk to me if you want to hear more. 

We can’t change the whole world, but we can change one child at a time by giving kids a chance to better education, a clean and safe home.

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